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The Thurstons

Meet Chuck & Therese Thurston
Dr. Chuck Thurston and Therese have been married for more than 34 years. For the past seven of those years they have been the hosts of Evidences: Think-Radio, a weekly call-in Christian apologetics talk show.  They have appeared often as experts on Grizzly Adams' Encounters With the Unexplained on PAX TV. The Thurstons have two nearly grown sons, David and Andrew, and they have lived on a farm near Chillicothe, Ohio for over two decades.  The farm doubles as the runway for Mission Field Aviation. 

Chuck Thurston, MDChuck Thurston, MD (He's in the driver's seat of the Duesenberg)
Dr. Thurston is an instrument rated and multi-engine pilot and has made numerous medical missions trips to Haiti, Honduras, Belize, Guatemala, and Mexico serving with Y.W.A.M., Mercy Ships, Sharing Ministries, World Harvest for Christ, Operation Blessing, Heart to Honduras, and the Baptist River Ministry along the Rio Grande over the years.
This doctor is also an accomplished blacksmith, cabinet-maker, and Eighteenth Century gunsmith. He has used these skills and his forge and shop to make models for special presentations on “The Bible and Modern Science” and “The Stars of Christmas”. 
A board-certified emergency physician, Dr. Thurston has served in hospitals in Ohio, Texas, Wisconsin, Virginia, and California for nearly thirty years.  Between shifts in the ER and writing, he has traveled to Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, and Greece in search of the many infallible proofs that bring the Bible alive.

Therese ThurstonTherese Thurston (She's seated in the middle of the Duesenberg)
In addition to educating her children and teaching Sunday School, Therese has been involved in counseling and has been a featured speaker at many women's ministry conferences. She is also a gifted singer and musician. For seven years she has been the co-host of Evidences: Think-Radio! and Way Too Early Sunday Morning, and she has narrated and appeared on Encounters With the Unexplained on PAX TV.  Therese has made many medical missions expeditions to Haiti, Guatemala, Belize, Mexico, and Honduras.   As the business manager of Thurston Enterprises and Evidences Biblical Institute she has made all of Chuck's adventures possible.



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