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About Us

It's A Doozy TV and radio is a collaboration of Ray Hughes and Selah Ministries along with, David VanKoevering, , James Nesbit and Prepare the Way Ministries, David Munoz,  Bunny Warlen,, Kingsley Walker, Pastor of Life Gate Church, and Dr. Chuck and Therese Thurston, former hosts of WRFD AM 880’s Evidences: Think-Radio!

"Doozy" was coined from the time-honored beauty and the excellence of the 1930's classic Duesenberg automobile. A Doozy is the finest and most wonderful thing possible. The Lord has left thousands of His own Doozies laying around in history and nature, science and scripture, and the lives of many who have gone before us.

We like to call all this stuff "Doozies" because, like the Duesenberg, the uniquely inspiring materials you are about to experience are the finest, most spectacular Doozys you never ever heard-of before. Watch that first step. It’s a doozy!



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